Powering Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) pose a wide range of challenging problems to the power electronic engineer. In EV basically we drive an electric motor (Engine) from a battery (Fuel). You need a power converter to control the motor (brake or accelerate) and another one to charge the battery. One of the prime focus of our work in developing these converters is to reduce their weight and volume. Currently it takes little less than an hour to charge the battery with off-board DC chargers. But it takes few minutes to fill the tank of our cars. It is challenging to develop electronics for fast charging of EVs, as it will require large amount of power. Another interesting concept is to use the car batteries as storage to support irregular nature of the renewable sources. Now we are talking about sending power from vehicle to grid V2G, you need special chargers to do this. Will it not be awesome if your electric car can automatically wirelessly charge when you are shopping in the mall? inductive power transfer. On the drive side one needs to look for multi-phase power converters to supply low voltage EV motors.

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