TitleAgencyAmount (Lakhs INR)Date
Fast DC Charger with GaN HEMTs for 3 kW. MeitY (CoPI) 280 L22-24
MV Grid Integration of Utility-Scale Renewables.CRG SERB72 L22-24
Development of Three-Phase High-Frequency AC Power Distribution System for Satellite Application. IISc-IoE Space Projects24 L21-23
Evaluation of Impact of Parasitic on Switching Dynamics of SiC MOSFETs and Data-sheet based Loss Estimation. NAMPET, Phase-III48 L20-22
Characterization of wide-band-gap devices.RBCCPS MTech Award2 L19-20
Active Magnetic Bearing.IoE Research Grant (CoPI)83 L19-21
Switched Reluctance Motors and Drives. RBCCPS Research Grant (CoPI)25 L19-20
Development of a Wireless Battery Charger.RBCCPS MTech Award1.5 L18-19
Development of a GaN based Inverter.RBCCPS MTech Award1.5 L17-18
Development of an advanced System on Chip (SoC) based embedded controller for power electronic converters.Early Career Research Award, SERB-DST44 L16-19
High frequency link DC-AC converters for Grid integration of Solar PV.Start-up Grant, IISc80 L15-16
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