Firmware Development for Testing of a High-Power Converter on a C2000 PlatformTexas Instruments23-24
Fast Control of LLC Based DC-DC Converter and Implementation on a C2000 PlatformTexas Instruments23-24
Design of 48V-1V Voltage Regulator Module for Server ApplicationTexas Instruments23-24
Model Predictive Control of Dual Active Bridge ConverterTexas Instruments22-23
Three-phase DAB Converter for Fast Charging of EVL&T Pvt. Ltd22-23
Direct MVAC to Multiport DC Fast Charging StationDelta Electronics22-23
Model Predictive Control of Tri-State Boost ConverterTexas Instruments21-22
Neutral Point Voltage Balance and Oscillation Suppression Of Vienna Rectifier Texas Instruments21-22
Modulation and Parallel Operation of Three-level InvertersBHEL21-22
Development of 3 Ph HFAC Power Distribution Architecture for Satellite ApplicationURSC ISRO21-23
Carrier Based PWM for Three-level InverterTexas Instruments19-21
Dynamic Modelling and Feedback Controller Design of DAB ConvertersTexas Instruments19-21
Design of a SiC based 50kW Grid Tied InverterAR Power System Ltd.19-20
PWM Modulator Design for Multi-level Inverters on C28x MCUTexas Instruments18-20
Architecture Enhancement of C28x MCU for Model Predictive Control of PE ConvertersTexas Instruments19-20
Testing of a 800V-400V, 10kW DAB based DC-DC ConverterTexas Instruments19-20
Testing of a 400V/50Hz AC-800V DC, 10kW Vienna Rectifier.Texas Instruments19-20
Development of High Frequency AC Power Distribution Sys for Satellite ApplicationURSC ISRO18-20


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