Past Students



  1. Shamibrota Kishore Roy (2022)
    Thesis: Characterization and Modelling of Switching Dynamics of SiC MOSFETs. pdf
    Current: Principal Design Engineer at Delta Electronics LinkedIn
  2. Anirban Pal (2020)
    Thesis: Unidirectional High-Frequency-Link DC to Three Phase AC Conversion: Topology, Modulation and Converter Design. pdf
    Current: Lead Engineer at GE Aerospace LinkedIn

MTech (Research)

  1. Shubham Rawat (2022)
    Thesis: Design of Active Snubber for Phase-Shifted Full Bridge Converter.
    Current: Joined North Carolina State University for as a PhD Scholar LinkedIn
  2. Manmohan Mahapatra (2020)
    Thesis: Soft Switched Multilevel Unidirectional High Frequency Link DC to AC Converter for Medium Voltage Grid Integration of Solar Photovoltaics.
    Current: Software Engineer At ETmoney LinkedIn
  3. Sushmit Mazumdar (2019)
    Thesis: Hardware Emulation of a Long Transmission Line by High Frequency Power Electronic Converter for the study of Switching Transients. pdf
    Current: Senior Analog Design Engineer at Intel Corporation LinkedIn
  4. Sayan Paul (2018)
    Thesis: Modulation of Power Electronic Converter Fed Split-phase Induction Machine Drive. pdf
    Current: PhD Scholar in IISc Bangalore. LinkedIn


  1. Nausheen Shaik (MTech TI Scholar 2023)
    Project Report: Model Predictive Control for Dual Active Bridge Converter.
    Joined Texas Instruments
  2. Lakkam Akhila (MTech 2023)
    Project Report: Design of Analog Controller for Three-phase HFAC Power Distribution System for Space Applications.
    Joined Rambus
  3. Ankit Nandlal Nandanwar (MTech TI Scholar 2022)
    Project Report: Model Predictive Control of Tri-state Boost Converter.
    Joined Texas Instruments
  4. Gutha Rishil Kumar (MTech TI Scholar 2022)
    Project Report: Neutral Point Voltage Balance and Oscillation Suppression Of Vienna Rectifier.
    Joined Texas Instruments
  5. Sairakshith Keesara (MTech 2022)
    Project Report: Development of 3-Phase High Frequency AC Power Distribution System for Satellite Applications.
    Joined Rambus
  6. Mayur Shivaji Isame (MTech 2022)
    Project Report: Core Loss Estimation of a High-Frequency Inductor.
    Joined Bajaj Electronics
  7. Ankita Dhole (MTech 2021)
    Project Report: Estimation and Measurement of Power Loss in a High Frequency Inductor for a DAB based DC-DC Converter.
    Joined Analog Devices.
  8. Egala Jagadeesh (MTech 2021)
    Project Report: Development of High Frequency AC Power Distribution for Satellite Applications: Year3.
    Joined Analog Devices.
  9. Medineni Shashank (MTech TI Scholar 2021)
    Project Report: Modelling and Control of DAB DC-DC converter under optimal TPC modulation.
    Joined Texas Instruments.
  10. Shamik Basak (MTech TI Scholar 2021)
    Project Report: Carrier-Based PWM with Voltage Balancing for Three-level Inverter.
    Joined Texas Instruments.
  11. Harisyam PV (MTech TI Scholar 2020)
    Project Report: Continuous Control Set Model Predictive Control of Power Electronic Converters.
    Joined Texas Instruments.
  12. Aditya Dholakia (MTech TI Scholaar 2020)
    Project Report: Development of Carrier based PWM strategies for Three-level Inverters.
    Joined Texas Instruments.
  13. Prachin Kumar Chahar (MTech 2020)
    Project Report: Development of a High Frequency Power System for Indian Satellites.
    Joined Intel.
  14. Deekshith Prabhu (MTech 2019)
    Project Report: Development of a High Frequency Power System for Indian Satellites.
    Joined Bajaj Electric.
  15. Sheenu Vaidya (MTech 2019)
    Project Report: Design and Implementation of 2 kVA Single-Phase H-Bridge Inverter based on Super-junction silicon MOSFET.
    Joined Analog Devices.
  16. Shubhangi Gurudian (MTech 2018)
    Project Report: Design and Implementation of 2 kVA Single-Phase H-Bridge Inverter based on Gallium Nitride Switches.
    Joined Hind Rectifiers.
  17. Mihir Sunil Thatte (ME 2017)
    Project Report: System On Chip (SoC) based Embedded Systems Design for Power Electronic Applications.
    Joined Schneider Electric
  18. Soham Dutta (ME 2017)
    Project Report: Control \& Hardware Implementation of a Flexible AC Transmission Line Emulator using Power Electronic Converter.
    Joined PhD program in University of Washington, Seattle.
  19. Shamibrota Kishore Roy (ME 2016)
    Project Report: Switching characterisation and comparative evaluation of SiC devices.
    Joined Cypress Semiconductors.
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