Welcome to Sustainable Power Electronics Laboratory

Welcome to Sustainable Power Electronics Laboratory

SPELL (SUSTAINABLE POWER ELECTRONICS LAB) is a state-of-the-art Power Electronics facility at the Indian Institute of Science, where futuristic technologies are developed and transferred to relevant industries. In power electronics we process electric power through SEMI-CONDUCTOR SWITCHES. These power devices (MOSFET or IGBT) are at the heart of any power electronic converter. In many of our work we try find new topologies (configuration of switches) and modulation strategy (switching scheme) that improve power conversion efficiency and reduce size and cost. We emphasize on DESIGN, FABRICATION & TESTING of state-of-the-art and advanced POWER CONVERTERS. We do work on cutting edge embedded solutions for power electronic applications.


Here are a few applications that we are currently working on

Grid integration of Renewables

In power electronics we process electric power through semi-conductor switches. These power devices (MOSFET or IGBT) are at the heart of any power electronic converter. 

Powering Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) pose a wide range of challenging problems to the power electronic engineer. In EV basically we drive an electric motor (Engine) from a battery (Fuel).

Medium Voltage Power Electronics

Power electronics research witnesses the emergence of medium voltage solid-state transformers, a transformative area that enables direct interaction with medium voltage 

Space Power Electronics

Satellites are primarily powered by solar energy and hence require power converters to supply the onboard loads. We are working with ISRO to develop a high frequency

Next Generation Devices

Wide band gap semiconductor (WBG) devices such as GaN and Silicon Carbide are going to replace currently used silicon based power MOSFET and IGBT, due to their low conduction and switching

Embedded system developement

Digital control stands as an indispensable prerequisite for the optimal operation of any power converter. The realm of supervisory and closed-loop control for power converters


  • Scalable and Secure Digital Labs
  • Transparent Delivery Governance
  • High-Calibre Engineering Experts
  • Optimized Engineering within Stipulated Budget
  • High-Velocity Agile Practices
  • Zero Trust Architecture Approach
  • High-Touch Agile Engagements


E6 225 3:0 Advanced Power Electronics (AUG)

The objective of this course is to understand operation of power electronic converters used in medium and high-power applications.

E3 252 3:1 Embedded Systems for Power Applications (JAN)

The first part of the course is about learning the MCU (TMS320F28379D). The second part is to apply all this learning for a successful embedded

UENG 102 3:1 Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Engineering (JAN)

Circuit analysis: KVL, KCL, dependent voltage/current sources, series and parallel equivalent, mesh and nodal analysis

EE 3601 Transmission Lines, Fields and Waves, UMN, USA (Spring 2012)

I would be happy to help you with the specific information you're seeking regarding EE 3601 and transmission

EE 2011 Linear Systems, Circuits and Electronics, UMN, USA (Summer 2011)

Understanding the principles and properties of linear systems, including linearity, time invariance, and superposition.

EE 5741 Advanced Power Electronics, UMN, USA (Spring 2011)

Power electronics involves the study and application of electronic circuits in the control and conversion of electric power

SPELL Solutions

SPELL develops advanced Power Electronic Converter Solutions for a large range of applications with a focus on improving energy efficiencies and reducing carbon footprints. It works closely with several national laboratories such as Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), multi-national companies, MSMES and start-ups, to develop next-generation technologies to power industries.

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